I am super excited to share a very short story behind window cleaning. I grew up washing the windows. I mean of my house, not of others!!!  Every time I cleaned them, it gave me the instant feeling of satisfaction.  The glass panels of the skylight, windows and doors often used to get stained. Eventually, despite all my efforts, their appearance faded like the winter fog, the dust particles had settled, and made the surface their home. End of the story! Okay, here are 7 different facts on cleaning. Let’s get started!!

  1. World’s tallest window cleaning

Having total of 1,292,500 square feet of glass, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest window cleaning in the world. The company who is responsible for the cleaning has $764200 worth of high tech machines.

  1. New York home of window cleaning

Tall building, flashy roads, branded showrooms, big malls describe New York City. All those skyscrapers, it is not a surprise.  By 1931, there were 3k windows cleaners in the city but by 1995 the number decreased to 800.

  1. Dangers of the job

No work is easy. Working at this stage is a very serious issue and needs a lot of dedication. Even with the safety equipment, death rates are high. In May 1962, four window washers in New York were killed, when scaffolding fell from the building. Until now, window cleaning is still seen as the most dangerous job in the US.

  1. Cleaning records

The current holder of the Guinness World Record for the quickest window cleaning is Terry Burrows. He cleaned three 45-inch square windows within 9.24 seconds without a smear in sight.

  1. Healthy life

Cleaning is healthy. Nowadays, people are getting lazy with the involvement of advance tech. You can actually burn 100 calories for each hour by cleaning windows. Interesting right?

  1. Like seriously?

It took 3 years (around $3million) to design a cleaning rig that cleans the Hearest Tower. Professional engineers were required to design.

  1. Leave marks

Since they are professionals in cleanings, most of the window cleaners leave a signature on the window glass. This marks the unique evaluation of their company.

  1. Dissolves

I had never imagined that a glass could ever dissolve. The glasses can be dissolved with the hydrofluoric acid.

At last, let me share you a statistics, the average women cleans for 12,296 hours in her lifetime, while men clean an average of 6,448 hours. You might have gotten amazed by reading all the facts of the cleaning. Stay clean, stay healthy!