If you are thinking of cleaning up your roof by yourself, then you should be very careful as it is very dangerous. A fall from the roof could seriously injure you or even kill you. Statistics show that at least six people a month die in the United States because of falls from the roof. If you do not wish to be another number in that statistics then you better follow these safety measures.

First of all, you should avoid heading to the roof if it’s slippery. Wet roofs are very dangerous. Whether it’s rain, snow, ice or dew, put your work on hold until the roof dries. Same goes if it’s windy.

To allow your roof properly run off the rain, your gutters must be clean. Remove leaves, twigs, and other debris from gutters regularly. You may do this once or twice per season.

Wear the right shoes. This is a basic thing that everyone probably knows but is rather important. Make sure to wear shoes or boots with rubber sole for traction. Walk carefully on the roof and take careful steps to avoid slipping.

Rope or mark off the ground beneath your work area to let people know you’re working above. You’ll need a sturdy ladder to get onto the roof. An aluminum extension ladder is good but a wooden one avoids electrocution if you accidentally come up against a power line. Make sure to set up the ladder real nice and steady. Rest it on level ground, fasten the top of the ladder with a rope or wire to and anchoring point. Extend the ladder at least a meter above so that you have something to hold onto as you get down.

Another way to keep your ladder steady and keep your gutters protected as you’re up the roof is to use a gutter-guard. The gutter-guard consists of any scrap piece of wood that you fasten to the roof deck, put a notch in it, lean the ladder legs against the notch and tie in place. You can also put some shingle bundles against the feet of the ladder to help keep it steady and make sure it doesn’t slide.

Install toe hold. Installing toe holds is very useful when you’re working on a steeply pitched roof. It helps your feet keep their grip, keep balance, and prevent slipping.

Wear eye protection if you’re using a hammer or power tools.

Always remember that cleaning your own roof is very dangerous. One small mistake can cause you a serious injury or even cost your life. It is very important to use the specific tools required and handle them properly. It is a must to take precautions while doing this kind of job. If you do not have experience in this, always considerhiring professionals.