There are many reasons for hiring a professional cleaning service provider. Some customers use this service because they don’t have enough time to clean and maintain their home. Some customers might need this service because they are moving in/out and need the place professionally cleaned. Some people have various health problems like respiratory problems and allergies or some are physically impaired making them unable to take the task of cleaning. Cleaning is a difficult task and often it is not as rewarding or exciting, so it is better to leave these cleaning tasks to the professionals.

It is very important for cleaning service providers and customers to be on the same page. It is difficult to walk into a home that is not your own and clean the unknown areas. So what are the things that are needed in order to make the cleaner welcomed into your house? What are the things that you need to consider making sure that the cleaning services are carried out more effectively and as per your choice?

Let us discuss how can you make a strong relation with your cleaner and be ensured your cleaning tasks will be carried out in a proper manner.

Give detailed Information

Cleaners work on a limited time frame. It is important to know what your needs are and reasons why you have hired a cleaning service. Cleaners want to know the exact cleaning tasks that they will be doing in advance and want to come prepared. For example, the responsibility is yours to provide the information about the type of flooring you have so that the cleaners come with proper cleaning products and equipment. It’s always better to provide information about the pets you have so that cleaning their stains and furs takes place accordingly.

Every house is different. Thus, always take some extra minute to talk about various aspects of cleaning, for example, what kind of bathroom, living room or other rooms you have, what you want to be cleaned and what you want to leave as it is, while hiring a professional cleaning contractor. Make sure to give detailed information about the cleaning information that you have expected.

Areas of Focus on

Some customers might be having some specific requests. Some might be interested in arts and antiques. These types of requests need special care and attention. For example, antique rugs cannot be vacuumed with the same tools that are used to vacuum a high traffic area’s carpet; they need to be lightly vacuumed. Antique vases and frames, as well as electronics, need to be cleaned in a different manner. The high traffic rooms might have various molds, various stains and too dirty than other areas. These areas need to be cleaned accordingly.

Thus, always tell your cleaner what areas they need to focus on; this will help the cleaners to focus on the area that is most important to you.


You come home and notice all the areas are clean and sparkling, but then notice that the cleaner has once again forgotten to empty the bathroom bin or left streaks on the mirror. And you say nothing, expecting it will be done the next time. Chances are your cleaner is unaware of that fact. This can make you frustrated after a course of time.

Communication can be as simple as sending a quick text message, writing a note, contacting the cleaning agency that you have hired or just talking with the cleaner just before the service begins. Thus, always maintain a good level of communication with your cleaner so that you will grow a healthy working relation with them making them work in a healthy environment.

Clear the obstructions

Greeting your cleaner with a massive pile of unwanted mess is not a good habit. As these things are not theirs, they find it difficult to manage such mess one by one. Plus it is too much time consuming. By the mess, I mean clothes, books and other clutters that may be lying around your home.

To make most of out of your cleaning services, move and manage your clutters that are lying on the surfaces yourself and store them somewhere else on your storage. This reduces the chance of breaking, touching or accidentally throwing away some important stuff. Additionally, it will allow them to spend more time focusing on more difficult cleaning tasks, where their cleaning products and expertise will have greater impact.

Wash your own dishes

Dishwashing is a time-consuming task that needs to be done carefully and properly. Your kitchen is the most difficult area to clean and the most important area that needs to be clean and healthy. Piling up more and more daily messes means that your cleaner will have difficult time cleaning up your dishes properly. So always clean the daily dishes that you use regularly yourself, just leave some hard to wash dishes to the cleaner. This way your cleaner can focus on other areas of your kitchen that needs to be cleaned.

By following these steps, cleaners can focus on the important aspects of cleaning rather than wasting their time on less important and time-consuming things like cleaning up your clutter and dirty plates. So, get small jobs done by yourself and let your cleaner do their job in a more effective manner by giving them free space to clean. By following the tips that we have shared above, you can take out the most from your cleaning service providers and maintain a clean and healthy environment around your home.