Chandeliers Cleaning Service Specialist in CT

Chandeliers Cleaning Service Specialist in CT

Like everything in your Connecticut home, your gorgeous light fixture once looked brand new, sparkled and shone bright like a diamond. If your chandelier hasn’t been cleaned for over a year, it’s a good time to call your chandeliers cleaning service specialist. And by this, we mean to hire the best chandelier cleaning services of Connecticut.

We are the ultimate chandeliers cleaning specialists of Hartford, CT and we endow all areas and offer a personalized service. We specialize in the caring and cleaning of your crystal chandeliers and lightings.

With our qualified experts, our aim is to ensure the chandeliers and lightings of residential, commercial, modern and historic properties are maintained to a high standard at an affordable cost.

We provide environmentally safe process to give your chandeliers a new shine rather than using chemicals while cleaning. Allow us to beautify your light fixtures that results in a cleaner brighter piece.


Has the finish on your chandelier lost its sparkle or created a white haze on the crystals? Don’t worry, we can handle your crystals and polish each piece to bring back that shiny look. From brass, chrome, copper to antique and crystal, we can make your chandeliers take on a whole new and different look.
In addition to cleaning chandeliers, we specialize in lanterns, wall lights, candelabra and decorative lightings. Whether you call us on occasional basis or on individually tailored plan, we guarantee you to give a service that you can trust.

Our service is totally satisfied and our results are crystal clear. We invite you to inspect your chandeliers on completion of the clean and feel free to discuss the process prior to ensure inconvenience is kept to a minimum.

So step ahead and see what our services perform for you!


  • To protect your precious chandeliers, we use hand scrubbing method of crystals without damaging plating.
  • Only pure water and sound waves are used, avoiding the need for and disposal of unnecessary chemicals.
  • Dirt is not attracted to cleaned surfaces and there are no chemical or soap residues to collect dirt and other contaminants.
  • Most surface area of the chandelier can be fully cleaned resulting in an increase of luster.

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